Alpha 72 or 80 bass

Our Alpha 72 or 80 bass piano accordion is a fantastic instrument with a standard bass. Its extremely quiet bass mechanics, light weight and brilliant sound make our small piano accordion the first choice for use at home, on the road or on stage and at any age.

German design – Made in Italy

Brief description 34/72-3/4-5+3
Reeds Italian (super-dural)
Treble keys 34
Bass buttons 72 or 80
Treble chorus 3
Bass chorus 4
Treble register 5
Bass register 3
Treble construction Standard
Bass construction Standard
Keys & Buttons Mother-of-pearl color keyboard with wooden core, mother-of-pearl color bass buttons made from celluloid
Tuning 440 Hz
Notes G (sol) – E (mi)
Dimension 390 x 410 x 235 mm
Weight (accordion only) 8,2 kg
Color Celluloid, highly polished, black (BK), blue (BU), red (RD) or white (WH)
Included with Accordion, luxury case or original ROYAL STANDARD® bag, original ROYAL STANDARD® signature straps (width 70 mm), manual